What Do You Do If You Meet a Psychopath?

March 6, 2017 93 4 No Comments


Every victim of a psychopath didn’t intend to be a victim, or they wouldn’t have been there and have left, it’s alarming how many victims psychopath can accumulate. On initiation first impression they are very exciting talkative and entertaining. On the short term it is very attractive. On the long term you find out this person is completely indifferent to what most you hold to be important. It’s important to take relationship slowly and look for red flags of psychopathic behavior before letting the person into your inner circle and engage in relationships that is hard or even dangerous to get out of.

Join us as we explore what to do if you meet a psychopath with Dr. Kiehl. Dr. Kiehl is an author and neuroscientist who specializes in the use of clinical brain imaging techniques to understand major mental illnesses, with special focus on criminal psychopathy, psychotic disorders (i.e., schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, affective disorders), traumatic brain injury, substance abuse and paraphilias.
Also, he has designed the one-of-a-kind Mind Mobile MRI System to conduct research and treatment studies with forensic populations. To date his laboratory has deployed the Mind Mobile MRI System to collect brain imaging data from over 3000 offenders at eight different facilities in two states. This represents the world’s largest forensic neuroscience repository


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