What is Equine Therapy?

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What is Equine therapy? Equine therapy is a type of experiential therapy involving interactions between horses and patients. Patients learn how to groom, feed, halter and lead horses while learning self-control, self-confidence and accountability. The sessions are centered around the connection between patients and horses, as horses mirror patient’s moods it is imperative for the patient to be present and attentive instead of feeling numb, which tends to be the norm with eating disorders.

On this episode of Behind The Mask, Priscilla Jadallah visits Kimberlee Farms in Somis, CA to speak with Treena Hall founder of Raise Your Wings a non-profit organization that allows people who are struggling with eating disorders the opportunity to bond with horses and find healing. Priscilla and Treena discuss the benefits of equine therapy and Treena’s recovery story as well as Alison Joseph a client who found hope and healing through equine therapy.

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