What is the Bohemian Grove?

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The Bohemian Grove is a tract of land 2200 acres along the Russian river in the Marin County, That hosts an elite men’s club, off the record two week camp out for some the world’s most powerful men in the world.
Join us as we explore the Bohemian Grove with Don Eichelberger. Don Eichelberger is a freelance writer in San Francisco and a founding member of Bohemian Grove Action Network.In 1980, the men’s only “HiJinx” camp-out of the elite Bohemian Club in San Francisco lost anonymity when the reach of this gathering was revealed to local feminists, anti-nuclear activists and other veterans of the peace and civil rights movements of the sixties who now resided in the rural community.
Bohemian Grove’s exceptionalism was exposed in sociologist, G. William Domhoff’s 1974 Bohemian Grove and Other Retreats- a Study in Ruling-Class Cohesiveness. He laid open the Bohemian Grove assemblage as unique among thousands of elite men’s clubs in the world for its yearly, two-week, off-the-record camp-outs among men of highest rank going back more than 100 years.


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