What is Transactional Analysis?

March 1, 2017 38 4 No Comments


The show educates the viewers on Transactional Analysis(TA). This is a model that discusses different aspects of personality and provides insight regarding introspection and self-knowledge.

Transactional analysis is a theory developed by Eric Berne. This analysis examines the three ego states within ourselves, the child (which drives your spontaneity, loving, and acts on what pleases themselves) , adult(logical, detaches from feelings, analytical), and parent ego state(pre-recorded codes for living and can be oppressive or loving). In each behavioral decision we make would be from one of these states. From the therapeutic side, we must determine what state you are in and bring you to an understanding that you are okay, you have a sense of self-worth and feel good about yourself. It cannot just be that you feel good about yourself however, knowing that other people are good as well and feeling good about them is integral to mental health.

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