Who Wrote the Bible?

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Do we really know who wrote the Bible? Over the centuries biblical scholars are persuaded that there are three or four main authors that wrote the old testament. This explains why there are contradictions as well as many repeated stories in the bible. For example, one source never states God’s name, another source names God Yahweh, the 3rd only starts calling god Yahweh after book exodus, when the name was revealed to Moses. The different attitude of when god’s name became known was a key piece of evidence that help split sources. Together with other evidence such as the different type of hebrew, scholars were able to identify four unnamed authors.

Richard Elliott Friedman is professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature and holds the Katzin Chair at the University of California, San Diego. One of the premier biblical scholars in the country, he received his doctorate at Harvard and was a visiting fellow at Oxford and Cambridge. Author of The Hidden Face of God, The Hidden Book in the Bible, Commentary on the Torah, The Exile and Biblical Narrative, and the bestselling Who Wrote the Bible?, Friedman is also the president of the Biblical Colloquium West. A consultant to universities, journals, encyclopedias, and publishers, he is also the editor of four books on biblical studies and has authored over fifty articles, reviews, and notes in scholarly and popular publications.

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